Bell Marketing was founded in 1986 by Mary Ann Bell in an effort to offer better fruit products at more affordable prices. In the beginning, Bell Marketing only offered fruit juice concentrates, fruit purees, fruit essences and ice cream ingredients while representing several processors and keeping a customer base mainly in the Midwest. At the time, Mary Ann was a single mother and the sole provider for her family so soon after she added her first employee thus increasing sales.

By 1990 Bell Marketing increased her customer base and began distributing products as well. Through the nineteen nineties, Mary Ann was the driving force behind Bell Marketing as she added more employees, including her children Mary and James. Besides increasing her fruit ingredient line to include all other types of fruit, she ventured into other areas of food ingredients to include flavor extracts, vegetables, nutracueticals, exotics, tropicals and food chemicals to her Bell Marketing product list. As Bell Marketing grew, Mary Ann became very involved with several industry organizations. In addition to attending, she would arrange keynote speakers, help organize events and served on many of these boards.

At the turn of the century Mary Ann Bell and Bell Marketing were well known throughout the food industry as an excellent source for fruit products. Bell Marketing sold to customers nationwide and overseas, and started offering logistics services to her customers.

Today, Bell Marketing is a full service brokerage and distributor of all types of fruit ingredients offering excellent quality at competitive pricing. Mary Ann Bell is still the driving force behind Bell Marketing’s success and she is always searching for new and innovative products. Bell Marketing is still growing by adding more products and services, while still offering the finest fruit products from around the world processed your way!!

Bell Marketings 25th Anniversary!

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